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2006 Community Quilts


Community Quilts this year went to The Linus Project and to Angels Bearing Gifts

The Linus Project is a national organization with local chapters, which gives quilts and blankets to children from newborn to 18 years of age who are ill or traumatized.  They recommend quilts 36 inches square for the babies and larger for the older children.  All quilts must be new, and free of any scent  or ornamentation.  It is important that quilts be washed after quilting, and dried without using any scented dryer sheets.  There is an unlimited need for quilts for the Linus project, and we are hoping that members will love the idea of making quick, easy baby quilts.  People who have worked with children getting Linus blankets and quilts have told us that the children bring the blankets with them throughout their treatment, often loving them to shreds.  If you would like more information about the Linus Project, you can log onto   www.projectlinus.org.  You can even find patterns by logging onto http://www.projectlinus.org/links.shtml

Angels Bearing Gifts is a local organization started by Evelynn Smith-Herman. This organization provides gifts to developmentally challenged people who have no other support system. Once people have been identified for the program, they are remembered by the Angels throughout their lifetimes each Christmas, Valentine’s Day and on their birthdays.  All the people receiving gifts from the Angels are adults, and we are hoping members who prefer using adult fabrics will enjoy making a quilt for this organization.  If you would like more information about this group you may log onto www.angelsbearinggifts.com

Community Quilts 2006 leaders were: Marty Frolli and JoAnn Dovgin. They reported that they made up 209 quilt kits this year. They were able to buy some fabric for the kits thanks to donations made in memory of dear friend and guild member, Betty Libbert. While some kits varied in quantity, most included 1 ½ yards of a focus fabric with five coordinating fabrics, each ¼ to ½ yard, and 1 ½ yards of a backing fabric. Marty made up several new patterns.

Once again, members responded with generosity. There were 126 kits checked out, and 111 returned. In addition to the quilts made from kits, there were 161 quilts made that were not from kits, totaling 272 quilts completed.

A few of the many quilts that were donated...






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