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"Scrap Insanity"

Block of the Month 2010-2011 is all about scraps.
Big scraps, little scraps, cute scraps, plain scraps, fancy scraps, even ugly scraps.
We are going to help you use up those scraps. Many of the blocks we have chosen this year will form secondary patterns as they are assembled.

There are only two rules for this BOM series.

  1. The background fabrics will vary from month to month between white, cream, and black.
    For example: if a block calls for white background, then all the background pieces must be white (or white on white prints).
    They may be the same fabric or different fabrics as long as they match the color specified in the instructions.
    The scrap fabrics within each block must be different.
  2. There shouldn’t be any two pieces in your completed block that match.
    If the block has 8 pieces that are lights, mediums or darks, you will use 8 different fabrics.

We hope you enjoy making this patriotic installment of the new Block of the Month series.

Bring your block to the monthly guild meeting and enter to win all of the blocks for the month.
There is always one lucky winner and should we receive numerous blocks, we will select two winners.

Block of the Month is a Guild tradition so please join the fun and don't forget to make a spare for your own Insane Scrap Quilt!
This is a great way to use your scraps but please use the suggested colors for blocks entered in the drawing.

Co-Chairs: Cathe Hedrick, Darilyn Kisch, Kathy Draine

June 2011


Balkan Puzzle - Instructions Here and in May 2011 newsletter


May 2011

Whirligig - Instructions Here and in April 2011 newsletter


April 2011

Exquisite - Instructions Here and in March 2011 newsletter

Mar 2011

4 Patch for the 90s - Instructions Here and in February 2011 newsletter

Feb 2011

Churning Geese - Instructions Here and in January 2011 newsletter

Jan 2011


Jacob's Ladder - Instructions Here and in December 2010 newsletter


Dec 2010

Christmas Wreath - Instructions in November 2010 newsletter


Nov 2010

Spools - Instructions in October 2010 newsletter


Oct 2010

Snowball - Instructions in September 2010 newsletter


Sept 2010

Log Cabin - Instructions in August 2010 newsletter

log cabin


August 2010

Pinwheels - Instructions in July 2010 newsletter

July 2010

Flock - Instructions in June 2010 newsletter

Variations of this block
flock1  flock2



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