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 Quilt Show Ribbon Tutorial

by Carol Hart

Ribbon Play: A Tutorial

When you saw those beautiful ribbons that were awarded to the winners of the Harvest of Colors Quilt Show, did you wonder who made them? how they were made? Well, so did i! Carol Hart graciously agreed to create a tutorial so that others may know how it is done. The tutorial is available for download on the guild website, www.coastalquilters.com. Look for the link to the tutorial on the Gallery page.

But I digress. As the story goes, Carol was the Coordinator of Judging for the 2010 show. At one of the first meetings Marilyn Martin brought in three sample custom ribbons made by guild member Joann Conklin. Joann had been to a quilt show somewhere and seen this style awarded, liked the look, and had a pattern explaining how to make the "rosette". In addition to being a quilter, Joann is also an excellent seamstress, so she offered to make the ribbons for the 2010 Show. After the number of categories was decided, Carol didn't feel right asking JoAnn to make over thirty ribbons, so she reverse engineered one and made perhaps a third of them that year.

Carol wasn't the Judging Coordinator for this year's show, but gave some assistance to Diane Eardley, and worked as a helper on Judging Day. Joann was not able to put in the time to work on ribbons this year so Carol agreed to make them and enlisted some assistance from Gone to Pieces, one of her satellite groups. When asked to show us how the ribbons are made, Carol developed an extensive illustrated tutorial showing every aspect of making the ribbons. She also said, "It would be fun if the tutorial enabled other members to carry on the tradition as it is quite a commitment for just a few individuals to tackle."

It's two years off, but maybe a few more members will enjoy making these and will volunteer when the time comes.

Submitted by: Bonnie Barber
December 2012 Coastlines


Download Tutorial

Carol has extensively illustrated this pdf tutorial with lots of photographs. The tutorial is divided into four sections because the files are so large. We suggest that you download all four pdf files at one time and place them together in a folder.

Many thanks to Carol for all of the hours she has put into this project and the many other projects she has engaged in over the years for this guild.


Part 1: pages 1-4
Part 2: pages 5-8
Part 3: pages 9-12
Part 4: pages 13-18 (this is a very big file)

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