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2014 Guild Member Challenge

"Monkeying Around"

Best Traditional Use
of Monkey Wrench
Viewers Choice
First Place
Viewers Choice
Second Place
Best Creative Use
of Monkey Wrench
"Red Buttons Make
Pretty Flowers"

by Naomi Hicks
"Three Churns of the Wrench"
by Nicole Wall
"Therapy Horse"
by Julie Mock
by Irelle Beatie


Challenge Participants
See Entries Here

1. Here Kitty Kitty - Pat Shewczyk
2. The Chair - Priscilla Jacobs
3. Red Buttons Make Pretty Flowers - Naomi Hicks
4. Pinwheel Churndash - Elaine Rottman
5. Superstars Walk For a Cure - Adela Laband
6. Red and Black, My Friend Jack - Dee Johnson
7. Therapy Horse - Julie Mock
8. Three Churns of the Wrench - Nicole Wall
9. Monkey Wrenched - Christine Allen
10. Waves - Irelle Beatie
11. Shy Monkey - Mary Ringer
12. Monkey Wrench Gone Crazy - Suzy Pelovsky
13. Rainbow Dash - Rebecca Saunders
14. Mama's Flower Garden - Janet Woodard

15. Fibonacci's Monkey - Mary Ballard
16. Redwork Sunbonnets - Melissa Frolli
17. Bootsy - Shirley Morrison
18. Tied at the End of the Churn Dash - Michelle Garbarino
19. In the Midnight Garden - Rita Hardin
20. Monkeying Around with the Churn Dash - Pat Masterson
21. Hidden in Plain View - Linda Boynton de Sepulveda
22. Oh, You Monkey - Marty Frolli
23. Dots Alotta Monkeys - Carol Barringer
24. Monkeying Around Monkey Wrench Park - Marilyn Siegel
25. Fractured - Patty Six


Our challenge for this coming year will be to take the traditional Mon­key Wrench pattern (also known as the Churn Dash) and use your imagi­nation.

  • Each entry must include at least one mon­key wrench block.
  • The block may be pieced or appliquéd.
  • It may be in the foreground or background.
  • It may be a tiny little element of the quilt or the whole quilt.
  • You may twist it, distort it, elongate, curve it, or completely change the proportions or con­trast of the traditional elements.

You are only limited by your imagi­nation and the following rules.

  1. The quilt must be three layers and be quilted by machine or hand.
  2. The quilt may be any shape (square, rectangular, triangular, circular, etc.), but must not exceed 120 inches in circumference.
  3. The quilt must contain at least one monkey wrench block, traditional or distorted in any way you wish, but the minimum 17 components of the monkey wrench block (the four corner half square triangle squares, center square, and the side squares made of two bars) must be present even though their shapes and proportions may be altered.
  4. Only one entry per member.
  5. A four inch hanging sleeve must be attached to the back, and an identifying label that includes the maker's name, date of completion, and title.
  6. All entries must be submitted by the April meeting in a labeled pil­lowcase with the entry form.
  7. The label on the quilt must be covered.

Click Here to Download the Entry Form

-- Una Lopez and Lynn Manchester, Challenge Quilt Co-Chairs




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