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Entry Due:
June 13, 2013

Entry Form



2013 Guild Member Challenge

"Judging a Book by its Cover"

Winning Entries

Best Favorite
#17:  Tangled in Toys by Pamela Holst

All participants received a fat quarter with a ring pincushion and a small sewing themed note pad.
Winners received a Gift Certificate (see donors below), and a specially made note pad cover and extra note pad.
In addition, the top 2 winners (Best Overall and Overall Favorite) received a Gift Certificate
for a free Guild Workshop.

Thanks to the following prize Donors:
Marty Frolli, White Daisy Quilts (Long Arm Quilting)
The Creation Station
Roxanne’s, A Wish and A Dream
Art & Jenny’s Sewing Center
Quilt Ventura
Coastal Quilters Guild

Challenge Participants
View Entries Here

  1.   In the Snowy Woods – Mary Maxwell
  2.   Chickens! – Shirley Morrison
  3.   Roar – Roar – Grrrr!!! – Dee Johnson
  4.   Shogun Sashiko – Edalee Keehn
  5.   Carousels of Books Casting Shadows – Barbara MacCallum
  6.   The Color Purple – Lou Ann Schlichter
  7.   The Give Away – A Walk in Beauty – Linda Boynton De Sepulveda
  8.   The Celtic Riddle – Melissa Frolli
  9.   The Blue Shoe – Elaine Kovar
  10.   The Learning Tree – Barb Postma
  11.   Night Cat – Suzy Pelovsky
  12.   Ripple Effect – Lou Ann Smith
  13.   Zulu – Linda Estrada
  14.   Dining on Dresden – Margaret Siadal
  15.   Diet Dilemma or Mama Says There Will be Cakes Like This – Pat Masterson
  16.   Howard and Bun – Dog is My Co-Pilot – Gretchen Beckert
  17.   Tangled in Toys – Pamela Holst
  18.   Choose This Day – Elaine Rottman
  19.   Centered – Irelle Beatie
  20.   The Women of the Silk – Jan Inouye
  21.   Toxic Love Story – Nancy Miller
  22.   Night Owl: The Morning After – Susan Carty
  23.   I’m Glad I’m Not a Goop Are You? – Kika Hutchings
  24.   A River Runs Through It – Patti Hunter
  25.   Monarch of Another Color – Rita Hardin
  26.   It’s A Blast – Marlene Ray
  27.   All Hearts Connected – Carol Barringer
  28.   The Really Good Life – Adela laband
  29.   One a Wing and a Prayer – Julie Cohen
  30.   Daisy’s Eyes – Kathy Piasecki
  31.   Ties That Bind the Villages: The Road to Aids – Michelle Garbarino
  32.   Rainbow Mountains – Kelly Hildner
  33.   A Vase of Persian Pickles – Sue Kadner
  34.   Cube-leck – Mary Ballard
  35.   Puzzling – Karen Pickford

The 2013 Challenge event has been scheduled for June  13, 2013.  As stated above, the Challenge theme is “Judging a Book by Its Cover.”  If you are like me, you need plenty of time to percolate an idea – so this announcement is coming to you 7 months in advance!  Here are some of the important criteria:

  • Quilt design must be inspired by the cover of a book (quilt books excluded) – but not be an exact replica of the book.  You could be inspired by the color, graphics, title – or anything else you find on the cover.  We hope to NOT have 50 quilts in “shades of grey.”
  • The quilt must be 3 layers and quilted by hand or machine.
  • The quilt must include a “recognizable amount” of the selected fabric(see photo) which features a navy blue background with colorful book spines forming circular designs.  The exact amount of fabric that must be used will be determined and announced later. 
    • The qualifying fabric must be used in the body of the quilt – using as the binding or backing do not count as meeting the fabric challenge.  
    • Fat quarters of the fabric will be available for sale at the Guild meetings for $2.00 per FQ.  If you need to have the fabric mailed to you, please add $1.00, and send your request to me at 980 Via Regina, SB, CA  93111.
  • You will need to submit a full-size (book size), color copy or photo of the book cover which inspires your quilt, to be displayed alongside your quilt on the night of the Challenge.
  • The quilt size cannot exceed 140” perimeter (for example, 30” x 30” – or 20” x 40”.)   It cannot be smaller than 36” perimeter (9” x 9” or 8” x 10”).  For those who haven’t studied geometry in a while, perimeter is the entire measurement of the outside edge of the quilt – all sides.
  • All quilts and documents are due at the May Guild meeting. (any exceptions, please contact Karen Pickford or Mary Ballard.

Stay tuned for more updates – as some of these rules may be clarified and modified as we determine the need.  For now – head to the bookstore or library and start getting inspired!

-- Karen Pickford and Mary Ballard, Challenge Quilt Coordinators




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