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Challenge Quilts

Challenge 2008

The Four Seasons

D Navarro

To Everything There is a Season
by Jeanne Surber

The Four Seasons
by Carol Hart


D Navarro

Summer Blooms
by Pat Masterson

The Four Seasons
by Marilyn Weal


Earth's Bouquet
by Mary Norton

Tidepools Know No Seasons
by Isabel Downs

October Sunrise
by Amaryllis Bridges

Fishing For Divas
by Adela Laband


The Reason For Seasons
by Michelle Garbarino

Dappled Sunlight and Blossoms
by Lou Ann Smith


April Showers -- Spring Flowers
by Pat Shewzyk

Autumn Breeze
by Isabel Bartolome


by Mary Maxwell

Turn, Turn, Turn
by Jan Inouye


Four Season-ings
by Becky Gallup

Simply Spring
by Marty Frolli


Fire Season
by Judy Rys

Autumn Leaves
by Melissa Frolli


A Springtime Tale
by Barbara Kuhn

by Jeana MacMillen


View from Kitchen Window
by Mary Weaver

Full of Life
by Kathy Piasecki


Shenandoah Spring
by Karin Cooper


Chair: Gail Tinsley

Is spring your favorite season? It begins on March 20th this year and it will still be spring when we have our Challenge meeting in June. When I think about spring I see gardens full of pastels -- yellows (forsythia and daffodil), purples (hyacinths, violets and lilacs), pinks (dogwoods, magnolias and tulips) and lighter greens. What strikes you when you close your eyes and name the season? Landscapes? Holidays? Vacations? Or . . .?

Award-winning "The Four Seasons" entries require the following:

  1. Use the phrase "The Four Seasons" as your inspiration and take off from there.
  2. Your creation must be a quilt: two layers of cloth enclosing a third layer, held together by a stiched design. Embellish it any way you like.
  3. You must include at least three different colors in your piece, using multiple lights and darks so that there will be at least seven variations of those colors in the final project. If you want to add more colors, that's fine.
  4. Your quilt may be as small as you wish. It should not exceed 72 inches along any one side, and its total outside measurement must be 144 inches or less. The finished piece may be any shape.
  5. Submit only one entry per person or group.
  6. Label your quilt. Include your name, the name of the quilt (if you give it one), and perhaps something about your inspiration and/or the techniques you used.
  7. Attach a four-inch hanging sleeve.



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